New Year in Lisbon 2024 | Top 9 Things to Do, Events, Parties & More!

Why Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2024 in Lisbon?

Lisbon is one of the best spots to visit during December, especially during São Silvestre (New Year). Continuing the Christmas spirit, the city remains illuminated all the way through New Year, providing you with endless festive flair and joy. Lisbon is also warmer than most other European cities during December, making for a comfortable climate to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Weather in Lisbon during New Year’s Eve

New Year in Lisbon

Average Temperature: 12℃

  • Highest Temp: 16℃
  • Lowest Temp: 9℃

Chances of Rain: December and January are the wettest months of the year, with 10 days of rain each month. 

What to Wear: The temperatures drop in December, and the weather becomes slightly breezy and chilly. A moderate sweater would be enough to keep you warm for the month of December in Lisbon if you are comfortable in the cold, else something slightly warmer. 

Top 9 Things to do on New Year in Lisbon

New Year in Lisbon

1. Party at Praça do Comércio

The night always starts at the open-air quad in the city centre and is a frenzy of music, drinks, fun and laughter. Starting at 10 pm and going into the wee hours of the morning, head here to start your NYE. 

Why Visit?

  • Don’t miss out on the biggest NYE celebration and fireworks at the city centre!
  • Listen to traditional Portuguese music live and soak in the festive atmosphere.

New Year in Lisbon

2. Try the Delectable Desserts

Festive seasons come with festive treats. While you’re in Lisbon, make sure to try the Broas Castelares cakes and indulge your sweet tooth! 

Why try?

  • Broas Castelares are Portuguese cakes made from sweet potatoes, especially made during the Christmas season.
  • Try these cakes and immerse yourself in the culinary heritage of Portugal.

New Year in Lisbon

3. Grab Tickets to a Carnival

The city of Lisbon lights up for the festive season, and events are in plenty. Head to the city’s oldest auditorium which is known to host some great gigs. 

Why Visit?

  • The Coliseu de Lisboa is a famous auditorium in Lisbon which transforms in December. 
  • It hosts several artists and various exhibitions, making it a must-visit.
New Year in Lisbon

4. Enjoy a Night of Fado

Fado is traditional Portuguese music that is mellow and usually sentimental. This genre of music is usually enjoyed by all, especially during the festive season. 

Why Visit?

  • Experience traditional Fado music and ring in the New Year Portuguese style!
  • Make sure to make a reservation at a restaurant or buy your tickets to the concert beforehand as venues tend to get booked out. 

New Year in Lisbon

5. Book a Cruise

Step aboard a boat cruising down River Tejo and enjoy a night of sparkling wine and raisins, while you watch the celebrations from the water. 

Why Visit?

  • Book a cruise on River Tejo and watch the fireworks in style!
  • Enjoy the cruise with a lovely dinner and drinks to bring in the new year.

New Year in Lisbon

6. Try Your Luck at a Casino

Use the last day of the year to turn your luck around or ride a lucky streak at the turntables. You never know what’s in store. 

Why Visit?

  • Enjoy the live music and great food at the casino. 
  • Try your hand at roulette, blackjack and more and you might walk away with heftier pockets! 

New Year in Lisbon

7. Go On a Pub Crawl

All the pubs in the city would be filled with people anticipating the stroke of midnight. Revel in the fun at each club before you find one to settle down in and enjoy. 

Why Visit?

  • All pubs would have a special New Year menu for you to enjoy! 
  • Try the cocktails and drinks at each and every pub in the city centre for an unforgettable night!
New Year in Lisbon

8. Skip The Crowd

Loud music and crowds of people celebrating may not be everyone’s ideal way of spending New Years. If you’re looking for something more low-key, head to Cascais. 

Why Visit?

  • If you’d like to avoid crowded areas during New Year, head to Cascais, a seaside town close by. 
  • Ring in the New Year at this quiet marina and watch the fireworks away from the crowds.
New Year in Lisbon

9. Keep Up with Traditions

While in Portugal, live like the Portuguese! Be it in terms of what you wear, or what you eat, celebrate like the locals with their traditions. 

Why Visit?

  • Even if you’re at a fancy restaurant, make sure to eat 12 raisins, one for each month of the year. 
  • Usher in the New Year with bebidas alcoólicas (alcoholic beverages) rather than water. 

Parties & Events on New Year’s Eve in Lisbon

New Year in Lisbon
Lisbon at night with fireworks - View from Miradouro Bairro Alto
New Year in Lisbon
New Year in Lisbon
New Year in Lisbon
New Year in Lisbon
New Year in Lisbon
New Year in Lisbon
New Year in Lisbon

Plan Your New Year Eve in Lisbon

Getting Around
Where to Stay
Where to Eat
Tips for celebrating New Year in Lisbon
New Year in Lisbon

Metro - Fully air-conditioned and one of the easiest ways to get around the city. The metro has a total of four lines - red, yellow, blue and green, which connect one end of Lisbon to the other. The metro runs till 1 am on January 1st. 

Bus - The bus system has 172 routes running across Lisbon. The bus operates till 11 pm everyday. 

Tram - Tram 28 is the most popular, and the six trams in operation today reach the hilly parts of the city.

caldo verde - Portuguese traditional food


Known for its contemporary Portuguese cuisine with a focus on traditional dishes, often incorporating innovative twists and high-quality ingredients.

The Insólito
Enjoy a menu that combines traditional flavors with modern twists, showcasing fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Clube de Fado 

A renowned restaurant that combines Portuguese cuisine with the experience of listening to traditional Fado music.

Tips for celebrating New Year in Lisbon - Book in advance
  • Make Reservations: Tables at fancy restaurants usually get booked out in advance, so make sure to reserve your table as early as possible. 
  • Focus on the Blue: Keeping up with Portuguese tradition, wearing blue underwear on New Years will bring you good luck. 
  • Carry an Umbrella: Chances of rain increase as December progresses. Make sure to dress in anticipation. 
  • Carry Good Footwear: The cobblestoned streets make for great pictures but are incredibly slippery in the rain, make sure to carry shoes with good traction. 
  • Book Your Stay: Lisbon is warmer than other European cities in December and attracts a great crowd for this reason. Make sure to book your flight tickets and hotels in advance to avoid paying a premium. 
  • City Card: If you’re in Lisbon for a few days, opt for the Lisbon Card which gives you 24/48/72 hours access to all public transport and even entry to a few monuments. 

Top Experiences in Lisbon


Frequently Asked Questions About Celebrating New Year's Eve in Lisbon

What are the best things to do in Lisbon on New Year’s Eve?

New Year in Lisbon is a festive mix of fireworks, drinks, music, food and year old traditions.

What are the most popular things to do in Lisbon on New Year?

On New Years, make sure to catch the biggest public party in the city centre and watch the fireworks

What are a few off-beat things to do on New year in Lisbon?

If you’d like to keep away from the crowd, there are options to celebrate New Years at a quieter neighbouring town or by the marina.

What are a few kid-friendly things to do on New year in Lisbon?

The festive season in Lisbon is great for kids, where you can visit the Christmas markets and roam the illuminated streets.

Is it crowded on New Year in Lisbon?

Lisbon attracts a lot of tourists and can get crowded on New Years.

Is Lisbon safe during the New Year?

Lisbon is a safe city in general, however beware of petty theft on public transport in Lisbon.

What are the best events/festivals/parties on New Year in Lisbon?

Convento do Beato and Lux Fragil host some of the best private New Year events.

What are the best places to see Lisbon fireworks on New Year's Eve?

Join the crowd at Praça do Comércio in the city centre for a fun community viewing of the New Year fireworks. 

What’s the weather like on New Year in Lisbon?

December can be chilly, and is one of the wettest months of the year, averaging 12℃.

Is New Years a good time to visit Lisbon?

Lisbon is warmer than other European cities in winter and therefore a good choice for those who prefer warmth. 

What are some Portuguese New Year traditions to follow?

Popping 12 raisins at midnight, listening to Fado and wearing blue are some of the main Portuguese New Year traditions. 

What food can we expect on New Years in Lisbon?

Fried cod and Broas Castelares are some food items to look out for on the menu.